Sankt Meinrad, Stauffacherstrasse, Zurich


15. July 2011

Zueriseeegli mit Basilikummayo


Tatare vom Kalbskopf


Penne mit Schabziger und Spinat

Toggenburger Schweinsfilet mit Risotto


Mango und Mango Creme brulee

I wanted to go to a french bistro and landed on this page. Sankt Meinrad had changed concepts and owners in close succession and for the first time after the overhyped predecessors – Gault Millau likes places frequented by old people – a new crew is running the show. One of my favourite places in Switzerland is the bon vivant and the new Sankt Meinrad has a similar approach. Your only choice is four or seven courses, nothing else. The amuse bouche was a european perch with basil mayo. Love the sauce. Fennel soup was average, more interesting was the calf head tatare. It tasted like “Schwarten- magen”, but again showed a bit of male reproductive organ (aka balls) in serving such a dish. The quiche – which was up next – was a perfect example of simple, precise and no-frills cuisine. It was a very perky and fresh dish, clearly displaying the leek and a surprising light quality, normally not found in pastries. My favourite dish was the next one. What chef has the balls to serve Penne a la Schabziger? Schabziger is a cheese made in Glarus, reeks like a mixture of garlic, unwashed feet and fennel and it is often cherished by mid-aged swiss men for its alledged fertility enhancement. Next course was a Toggenburger pork filet with risotto, frankly one of the textural best risottos I ever had. There was a slight tang to the dish and the bite of the rice was spot on. I don’t like the mascarpone infused smeary mess this normally becomes and this one had clear texture. Some cheese followed and at the end a mango based dessert. A pretty exciting place to open up in Kreis 4 – financial details below – and by the way – while Zurichtipp is still figuring out expense reports, your favourite and most relevant food critic has already delivered 🙂



  1. You had all that for one meal? Unbelievable. Soup and tartare and quiche and pasta and risotto? BTW, it’s “Züritipp” and “still”. Just one of your many typos. Get your stuff together!

  2. Ha, Gau-Miau liebt graue Grinden, das ist tatsächlich so. Als “Führer” unbrauchbar für unsereins. Das Degumenü im Eden wär mal was … Gruss HG

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