Heidi & Tell, Gotthardstrasse, Zurich


30. June 2012
  • Heidi & Tell, Gotthardstrasse, Zurich
    Appenzeller, Extrafleisch, Extrakäse, Extragemüse
  • Heidi & Tell, Gotthardstrasse, Zurich
    HT Fries
  • Heidi & Tell, Gotthardstrasse, Zurich
    Foolproof system

Burgers are really all the rage in Zurich and a unique Swiss twist can be found at Heidi und Tell. All the ingredients are 100% natural with no additives, preservatives or any of the other junk you find in other places. The place is kept in a nice and clean all wood theme, also catering to the fact that every thing you get is completely made from recycled materials. The Swiss twist is that you can select either Gruyere, Appenzeller or Emmentaler cheese on your burger.

I was hungry so I ordered the Appenzeller burger, with extra cheese, extra meat and extra vegetables. To complement I chose some HT Fries. I liked the burger, the meat was of good quality, I would have prefered a tad higher fat content. I liked the simple yet homemade bread and how the fresh lettuce, tomatoes and real pickle complemented the burger. I did have an interesting discussion with my co-diner and the chef overheard us, I prefer more sauce on my burger but the clientele is torn into two opposing factions. So I guess for most the burger is perfect since it has true and unadulterated, honest beef, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pickle flavor, for the others I recommend adding some ketchup to get the same bliss.

Quite honestly, the “REAL” cheese makes all the difference. Sometimes this really get’s me all riled up. A restaurant can serve frozen pizza with mozzarella and ham, where the cheese is a synthetic product and the ham pimped with gelatine and water. There should be a law that if you’re not serving the plain untouched product you need to declare it, to give places like the Heidi & Tell a level playing field.

The HT fries were actually sprinkled with Sbrinz and parsley, a unique way to do so. A nice small touch was that the box of my burger was stamped to reflect my order. I noticed after I had finished mine when I was busy wiping my hands. I like the low-touch Heidi & Tell idea and especially their cheap prices.


  1. I totally agree, the place is rad! What I was missing, not ordering the extra cheese, was in fact the cheese. It was so little cheese on over all one of the best burgers in town that I did not notice any cheese-flavour. Make sure you order extra cheese.
    Extra beef simply means that there’s two pieces of wondeful and prime quality swiss hamburgers. I like the place!

  2. Absolutely true… The beef is simply the best you can get in a burger anywhere in Zurich and with the extra beef and extra cheese combination you get a burger that really satisfies you. Even with an all empty stomach.
    And I am part of the clientele that really likes the plain burger. Just beef, cheese, some vegetables and a nice bread. No fuss with strange sauces… H&T is the plain burger experience. Combined with the nice interior and all the magazines to read a really cosy place

  3. How was the beef patty cooked? Medium rare? Having enough fat in there is so crucial, I always go for ~25% when I get coarsely ground beef from the butcher. I will go there tomorrow and sample one. I was at Admiral Codrington this week in London and had a fantastic burger there.

  4. great place!
    tasty and healty at the same time. congratulations

  5. interesting article. Will go there and test for myself. Have you tried Iroquois? I would be interested in your opinion as I like Iroquois Burger a lot 🙂

    • Iroquois??? Fat content of the Burger is to high. Fries are never crisp. Anyway – prices are to high for what you get. Try the HT fries sprinkled with Sbrinz and parsley :)) had a fantastic Vegi burger there.

      • Fantastic veggie burger ? Please, no heresy on this blog 🙂

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